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Comhairle Ógra um Thuaisceart Éireann
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Mapping of Training

The Youth Work Training Board is currently seeking to map the range of accredited and non-accredited training programmes currently being delivered across the youth work sector in Northern Ireland.

Once completed, this work will help in the development of a coherent training route for the youth work sector and will also help to begin the process of recognising and valuing the wide range of non-accredited training that exists in the sector.

I would be grateful if you would complete the templates with all the training programmes currently offered by your organisation and send to  You may be contacted in the near future to clarify some of the information supplied.

YWTB Qualifications Scoping Exercise

The Community Youth Work team at the University of Ulster was commissioned by YCNI to revisit 'Worth their Weight in Gold' research carried out in 2003.

The 2012 study concentrated on the career paths and views of community youth workers. The results of the 2012 study are now available in a report that has been published this week.

If you have any questions about the study please contact Dr Tony Morgan

Download Report

A FRAMEWORK FOR EFFECTIVE INTERVENTIONS is based on the learning from the Youth Works programme. It is a practical guide to the implementation of a personal and social development programme, rooted in a youth work approach, which has proven successful in identifying and engaging young people with the complex needs and issues.

Although the Youth Works programme was initially designed for work with young people not in education, training or employment, the Framework has been developed in such a way that it can be adapted and transferred to work with other young people experiencing compound difficulties and blockages to realising their potential.

Welcome to Erasmus+ the new EU funding programme for education, training, youth and sport

A quick guide To making an application for Erasmus+, the new funding programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport

There are a number of different Education, Training, Youth and Sport funding opportunities available for UK organisations under Erasmus+:

»  Key Action 1 Funding       »  Key Action 2 Funding       »  Key Action 3 Funding
»  Jean Monnet Funding      »  Sport Funding

Read the Programme Guide
Read the 2015 Erasmus+ Programme Guide in detail to ensure you understand the funding rules and eligibility criteria for your chosen activity.

Erasmus+ - YCNI Summary Guide

Guide on How to Apply

Key Application Deadlines
2015 Decentralised deadlines (where applications are submitted to the UK National Agency) are the same for the following:

Key Action 1 - Mobility of Individuals

4 February 2015

30 April 2015

1 October 2015

Key Action 2 - Co-operation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Key Action 3 - Support for Policy Reform

For Sports & Centralised Activities, the deadlines will vary. For more information, go to:

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact:

YCNI Staff - Direct Line Numbers
British-Irish Exchange
Youth Programme

International/Euro E:Bulletins

Priorities for Youth
Initial Review of
'Young People Focused'
Funding Policy
'Spotlight On' Seminar
Database of NSETS/JNC Recognised Youth Work Graduates
Towards a Youth Work Workforce Development Strategy
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (NI) Statutory Rules
Profile of the Youth Work Workforce in NI
Customer Service Complaints Procedure
Equality Impact Assessment
ETI Report -
An Evaluation of the work of the YCNI
CRED Planning and Implementation

DE Circular - CRED

DE CRED Policy

YCNI CRED Resources

YCNI/RVYO CRED Reference Group

Updated in 2012, the Audit of Research provides summaries of NI publications relevant to the Youth Service

Hard copies are available by contacting


Ecorys UK
T: 0845 199 2929

British Council
T: 0161 957 7755

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