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YCNI Board members and staff are deeply disappointed that the Minister has gone ahead with his decision to abolish the Youth Council. We are really concerned about the future of the services which we provide. We welcome the fact that the Minister has said he is ring-fencing the regional funding budget within the EA but it is equally important that the other functions which we carry out are also preserved and developed. Over the 26 years that we have been in operation we have built up an enormous wealth of experience and expertise which has allowed us to do much more than just fund regional voluntary youth groups, for example, through our Youth Work Training Board, we promote and support accredited training programmes.

We also have specialists in a range of fields including international and North/South programmes and we have a specific remit and particular experience with regard to community relations, equality and diversity. It is our sincere hope that this essential resource of expertise and experience will be as valued by the EA and the Minister as it is by the youth organisations who avail of it. We have often been told how valuable our services are. As a small agency we have built up personal relationships with our client groups, they know us as individuals and we hope that moving into a much bigger body will not dilute that accessibility.

The most important thing for us is that quality youth work should continue to be provided for our nation's most valuable resource - our young people. Hundreds of thousands of young people have benefitted from the activities of the Youth Council over the last 26 years and the Minister's stated strong commitment to ensuring that such work continues is to be applauded.

Impact of
international youth work:
a youth council for ni perspective

In this publication, the Youth Council aims to dispel the myths surrounding engagement in International Youth Work and seeks to clarify how International Youth Work complements and underpins the Youth Work Curriculum and in particular, 'Priorities for Youth' (PfY), the new policy for youth in Northern Ireland, which sets the overarching policy framework for youth work within education.



Investing in lives

The History of the Youth Service
in Northern Ireland (1844-1973)

The Youth Council initiated a collaboration with the Ulster University to produce a history of  the youth service in the context of the North of Ireland,  tracing its roots back to 1844.  Our respective bodies have worked in close partnership and are proud to publish this first volume covering the period 1844 to 1973; we will continue this co-operation to produce a second volume which brings the Northern Ireland youth service story up to the present day.

The timeline split reflects two of the most significant watersheds for the youth service across Northern Ireland - the establishment of the statutory youth service in 1973, and the current transformation (2015) of the youth service as a result of the implementation of the Department of Education's new policy, "Priorities for Youth", coupled with the major changes in education structures here.


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  • Erasmus+


The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is an integral part of the 2016 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals. Organisations and institutions seeking funding in the framework of this call must comply with the conditions for participation and funding expressed in this Guide. The document provides information on: the priorities of the programme; the actions supported; the funding available for different actions; detailed information on participation.

Erasmus+ 2016 User Guide                Erasmus+ YCNI Summary Guide            

Guide on How to Apply                   Erasmus+ 2016 Deadlines           

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact:

Ecorys UK    T: 0845 199 2929    E:
British Council    T: 0161 957 7755    E:

The purpose of the report is to capture and disseminate learning from the Voluntary Sector Youth Outreach Initiative. Whilst the report illustrates the range of work undertaken by funded organisations it also identifies and explores some of the key enablers and blockages to effective Outreach practice and how to sustain it.


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