Youth Council for Northern Ireland
Comhairle Ógra um Thuaisceart Éireann
Council o Youth for Norlin Airlan




Responses to Public Consultations

The Youth Council seeks to influence governmental policies which may have a potential impact on young people or on the youth service. Recent responses to public consultations include:

NICCY Short Consultation on Priorities : NICCY (2005)
Making it r wrld 2 (OFMDFM, 2005)
Big Lottery Fund : Outcomes and Priorities (BLF, 2005)
Review of Public Administration (2005)
Guidance on Drugs Act (NIO, 2005)
Promoting Equality of Opportunity (OFMDFM, 2005)
Vision of a Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS Review Team, 2005)
Introduction of TASERs (Policing Board NI, 2006)
Getting Equal: proposals to outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation (OFMDFM, 2006)
The Law on Knives in Northern Ireland (NIO, 2006)
A Forum on the Bill of Rights (NIO, 2006)
A Play Policy for Northern Ireland (OFMDFM, 2007)
Draft Guidance for Public Authorities on consulting with Children and Young People (Equality Commission, 2007)
Programme for Government : Draft Budget, 2008
Taser Equality Impact Assessment (PSNI, 2008)
Priorities for Unclaimed Assets pre-consultation (DFP, 2008)
Review of the Civic Forum (OFMDFM, 2008)
Priorities for Youth (DE, 2008)
Review of Public Administration: Area-Based Planning [joint response with youth sector partners] (DE, 2008)
ESA Director Level Structure (ESA Implementation Team, 2009)
RPA Policy paper 19: Education Advisory Forum (DE, 2009)
Volunteering Strategy for NI (DSD, 2009)
Dormant Bank Accounts (DFP, 2009)
Children and Young People's Action Plan (DARD, 2010)
Consultation on 2011 Census Outputs (NISRA, 2010)
Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration (OFMDFM, 2010) (Download)
NI Youth Assembly, On-line pre-consultation (2010)
Play and Leisure Implementation Plan (OFMDFM, 2011)
Draft Budget 2011-2015 (DE, 2011)
Review of Youth Justice : Pre-Consultation (Review Team, 2011)
Pathways to Success (NEETS Strategy) (DEL, 2011)
Towards a Youth Assembly for Northern Ireland (Assembly Youth Panel, 2011)
Children and Young People's Plan 2011-2014 (CYP Strategic Partnership, 2011)
Social Investment Fund (OFMDFM, 2011)
Review of Youth Justice (Dept. of Justice, 2011)
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services : A Service Model (DHSSPSNI, 2012)
Priorities for Youth (DE, 2012)