Youth Council for Northern Ireland
Comhairle Ógra um Thuaisceart Éireann
Council o Youth for Norlin Airlan

Community Relations

The Youth Council for Northern Ireland is charged with the responsibility 'to encourage cross-community activity by the youth service'.

This responsibility is met through a number of channels including:


The YCNI CRED Reference Group was established to assist YCNI in its role to provide support and coordination for the delivery and implementation of CRED policy across Regional Voluntary Headquarter Organisations (RVYOs). The CRED Reference Group comprises representation from DE and RVYOs, including: Mencap, NICE, Scout Association, Scouting Ireland, YMCA, YouthAction, Youth Link, Youth Net, YFCU and Youth Initiatives.

Please click for details of:    RVYO CRED Group's Terms of Reference

CRED Reference Group - Minutes
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The following have also been published to assist with the implementation of the CRED Policy:

CRED Policy

YCNI CRED Resources

Guidance for Educational Settings
Guidance for Educational Settings (Irish Language Version)