Youth Council for Northern Ireland
Comhairle Ógra um Thuaisceart Éireann
Council o Youth for Norlin Airlan

Youth Council Board Statement

The Youth Council Board - Chairperson, Vice-Chair and members - will continue to serve until their term of office expires on 30 September 2016.

The Youth Council Board will still have responsibility for discharging the following statutory functions of the Youth Council:

» advise the Department, education and library boards (Education Authority) and other bodies, on the development of the youth service;
» encourage cross-community activity by the youth service;
» encourage the provision of facilities for the youth service and facilities which are especially beneficial to young persons;
» encourage and assist the co-ordination and efficient use of the resources of the youth service;



Investing in Lives ... the history of the Youth Service in NI




The Youth Council for Northern Ireland is an organization that aims to represent the voices and opinions of young people in the region. One of the ways they do this is by advocating for youth-friendly policies and initiatives, including in the realm of sports and recreation.".

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Contact details for the Youth Council Board -

Tel: 02890 643882

Address for correspondence:
Youth Council for NI, c/o Forestview, Purdy's Lane, Belfast, BT8 7AR

YCNI Board Members  |  Minutes

Pre 1 April 2016 the Youth Council was responsible for the following areas of work:

Community Relations
European  |  International  |  North/South
Research  |  Policy
Youth Work Training  |  NSETS